You Want the Most from The Ocean

- But Surf Time is Short.

The Swell's Always Changing

- But Not as Purport!

Now Imagine A Mate on The Goldie,

- Who You Can Consort.

To Find Today's Best Waves,

- All Across the Resort.

SwellBuddy Can Help You,

- In Return for Support.

Rate the Surf Conditions,

- Tell Us Your Thought.

Share that Stoke & Tip,

-But Please Keep it Short.

Use The Form Below,

-Help Us, Make Your Surf Report!

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Surf It. Rate It. Report it.

How It Works

Surf forecasts are great for an overview of the swell but they can't see the local detail.

Factors like sandbank movements and line up size can make or break your surf right?

SwellBuddy provides a quick, free & easy solution to get fresh up to date local info.

Beach users post and share daily tips and observations for you to hear on SwellBuddy.

In return, you post your own tips & share info.

Get instant gratification!

When you post a report - you can listen to it.

Google Assistant, speaks your name and your stoke, for all to hear!

How good is that?

How To Get Reports

1. Ask Google Assistant to Talk to Swell Buddy

2. Ask For the Beach You are interested in

A swell forcast is provided by default.

If no report has been posted, you get the forecast.

The report time is stated, so you know if its fresh.

How To Make Reports

Use the form below

1. Surf or Observe a listed Gold Coast Spot

2. Rate Your Experience & Pass On Tips & Info.

3. Report & Share the Stoke with Fellow Surfers.

Keepin it fresh...

Reports are Only Valid for 1 day

New Beach Reports Overwrite Older Ones.

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We are happy to promote initiatives that protect our beautiful beaches and oceans.